Data Privacy Notice

MOVEit DMZ (An externally hosted service provided by IPSWITCH) facilitates secure data exchange (send / receive files) between ExxonMobil personnel and third parties. The system collects and stores all Ids logon/transfer activities in its database (Along with the IDs, your name and e-mail address are also stored). Activities related to the use of the system are collected and remain in the activity log for at least 30 days. That information can be retrieved by the application support group or service provider to:
Identify individuals who are using the system
Measure disk space usage
Generate usage reports for ExxonMobils Cybersecurity team
The personal information needed to operate the system is stored in the US and can be accessed by the EMIT MOVEit DMZ/MFT support group and by the vendor worldwide.
For questions or concerns about the processing of personal information please contact the ExxonMobil Data Privacy Office by sending an e-mail to data.privacy.office@exxonmobil.com with subject Data Privacy Question